My Photography Hobby

I've been investing more and more time in to my photography recently and doing some work for friends too. Here are some recent examples of my work.

A striking visual of the seemingly never ending tunnel that goes from the train station down to the Hydro & SECC area by the River Clyde. I think the grey skies embody an average day in Glasgow.

If you ever get the chance to go to Dornie, do it! Not only is the fresh air good for the lungs, but yo can spend all day with your camera taking pictures like this.

I may be an old baldy but that doesn't mean I can't take a good pic of some locks when I need to. This image was part of a promo campaign I did for my friends at Black Pot that are known locally for dying hair all sorts of colours. While I'm not one to engage in such action myself, I have been given a few nice trims of my beard for some of the free work I've completed for them.